Vacation Eats

Some of what and where we ate on our recent fall vacation. There were others that weren’t noteworthy or I didn’t get photos of.

img_3548Our first night in New Albany, MS we ate at veggie burgers at Burger King which was within walking distance of our hotel. The 2nd night after a long day of riding on the Tanglefoot Trail we had veggie fajitas at El Agave Mexican Grill.


img_3565img_3566Our first night in Abingdon, VA we ate at Jack’s 128 Pecan, where I had a black bean burger. Nova had Hot Thai Sesame Peanut Noodles which I liked even better than my burger. 128 Pecan is a small converted wood house off the main street. We didn’t get to see inside as we ate on the patio.


p1120704img_3612Our 2nd night in Abingdon, VA following our 1st day riding the Virginia Creeper we both had Asian stir fry at the Peppermill. The Peppermill is a converted large old brick house on the main street. Bedrooms have become dining rooms. Sorta schmancy.


p1120733img_3622Midway on our 2nd day riding the Virginia Creeper we had veggie burritos at Hey Joe’s in Damascus, VA. Probably the best veggie burrito I’ve had.


img_3632Garden omelette for me and a waffle for Nova at Huddle House in Abingdon, VA after our 2nd day on the Virginia Creeper. First time eating at a Huddle House and it was exactly like I’d expect it to be. This was within walking distance of our hotel which was nice.


img_3644img_3642Grilled cheese sandwich with mushroom and onion (if I recall corectly) for me and a salad for Nova at the Bearded Moose in Richlands, VA. It was a rainy day we couldn’t ride so we just drove around in the hills and came across this town and restaurant.


img_3670Shoney’s salad bar in Hillsville, VA. There wasn’t a large selection of restaurants in town. There was Mexican and Asian but we’d pretty much burned ourselves out on those earlier in the trip so we ate here 3 nights in a row while we rode the New River trail. Really good.


dsc_3646img_3701Black bean burger at Boondocks Brewing in West Jefferson, NC. We just stumbled on to the town and restaurant on one of our travel days. Really good beer and burger.


img_3728Normally we eat breakfast at the hotel but where we were staying didn’t offer a continental breakfast so it was the Wild Egg in Nashville where I had eggs benedict florentine and Nova a waffle. It was good but way more food and richness than I need first thing in the morning.


img_3774C-store dinner at the hotel in Nashville after a day and evening on the town. Would have preferred to eat elsewhere but it just didn’t work out.

We went several years avoiding dairy and eggs but as you can see we now occasionally include them in our diet mostly out of convenience when eating on the road.


Photos from a day and evening in Nashville, one of several stops on our Fall vacation.

Recent Eats Out

Quinoa burger at Dempsey’s Burger Pub – Wichita. We weren’t too fond of it. The texture was too mushy. We later found out the quinoa is mixed with potato to make the patty. They also offer a portobello burger. Not sure if we’ll return to try it or not.14355052_10209224094032659_8113514501487458060_n

Veggie burrito at Best Burrito in Harrisonville, Missouri. We both thought it was really good.

Excellent Veggie hummus wrap from Morub Seasoning at the Pedaler’s Jamboree Iowa.img_2870

Avocado sandwich and pasta salad at Merle’s Place in Wichita. A favorite of ours.img_2951

Black bean burger at Chili’s. img_2958

Recent Eats At Home

Mexican lentil bowl. Lentils cooked with onion and spices and served with a variety of veggies.img_3098

Eggplant, rice & refried bean burrito. I tossed the eggplant in a little oil, cumin, garlic powder and chile powder then roasted.img_3185

Daiya mac & cheese with, mushroom, onion, cabbage, spinach and jalapeno topped with salsa.14067858_10208977974079814_2479913236893393110_o

Potato, onion, olive, cabbage, kale, spinach, edamame, carrot, corn and mushroom tacos.14124416_10208992131873750_6972008959950325421_o

Spaghetti squash from a friends garden stuffed with a mixture of it’s own innards, shredded Brussels sprouts, Gimme Lean and spices. Topped with Daiya mozzarella.13765859_10208715708123329_8788289935457290876_o

Snacking on chips and sauce. Squash chips and gochujang sauce.13717402_10208774327788784_6720692484378144409_o

Kids Summer Visit 2016

Last of the photos and a video from the kids visit.

Re-fried Beans

Notes: This made enough beans for 2 bean and rice burritos.

1 can pinto beans
1/2 yellow onion finely diced
2 cloves minced garlic
1/2 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp cumin
Dash of salt
1 cup veggie broth

Saute the onion over medium heat until softened.
Add the spices and garlic and stir in.
Add half the beans and broth and mash until smooth.
Add other half of beans and broth and mash again.
Simmer on low until desired consistency is reached.

Part way through cooking.

Part way through cooking.