The Anchor


The Anchor in Wichita. We go to the Anchor for their great beer selection but hadn’t eaten there in a while as last we checked they didn’t have anything meatless that didn’t have a bunch of cheese. Was happy to find out that since we last looked at the menu they added a black bean burger.

The flavor was really good but the texture not firm and the bun was soft so it made for mushy mess. The fries were good but hard to dip due to their short length.

Abandoned At Lake Ozark

Lake Of The Ozarks Missouri at Bagnell dam. We made a quick detour and stop here on our way home from Columbia, Missouri where we attended the Pedaler’s Jamboree.

Abandoned Airway Beacon Arrow

I’ve known about these arrows for some time but never thought to look to see if there were any in my area. A friend alerted me to this one which I’ve ridden by many time not knowing it was there. Today I rode out to take a look.
The Transcontinental Airway System began being built in the early 1920s and guided airmail pilots across the U.S. A tower with a beacon and a generator would have set atop the concrete arrow. This was a spur off the transcontinental route that was between Amarillo and Kansas City.



Mystery Messages

Many years ago I started spotting and photographing these messages. All I believe were with my old flip phone camera. At some point they quit showing up. I can’t recall what the time span was. A couple years I’m guessing.

More recently I spotted this one.

Abandoned Joyland Amusement Park

What’s left of the Joyland Amusement Park in Wichita, KS, Fall of 2016. Most everything has been demolished. Previous visits to the park can be seen here.