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Kansas’ Golden Gate Bridge

Southwest of Mulvane, Kansas a man has built a replica of the Golden Gate bridge across the Cowskin Creek. I recently took a bike ride to check it out.

You can read about the bridge and it’s builder here and here.

Also of interest on this road and just a few yards from the bridge is this WPA (Works Progress Administration) marker from 1937. It commemorates the reworking of the creek (which the bridge spans) to help prevent flooding.

Pole Art

While on a bike ride I spotted these 2 pieces of art on a utility pole. Not sure what the message or meaning is.

Muffler Man

Our local Muffler Man in Wichita, Kansas. These fiberglass giants were made by International Fiberglass company in the 60s. more on their history here.

Holiday Beer Tasting

The Breckenridge Brewery vanilla porter was good. The Wichita Brewing Company What Winter? Ale… A great brewery and cool can graphics but with an IBU of 99 was just too bitter for us.

Oatmeal Stouts

Sampling a couple new to us oatmeal stouts from Breckenridge Brewery and Free State. Both pretty similar and both pretty good.

Found Photos Photos

Something I wish I’d started doing long ago. Take photos of print photos I find when out and about.

Mystery Messages

Many years ago I started spotting and photographing these messages. All I believe were with my old flip phone camera. At some point they quit showing up. I can’t recall what the time span was. A couple years I’m guessing.

More recently I spotted this one.