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No More Pond

I decided to fill in the small pond in our back yard. It was in bad shape and I was tired of maintaining it. For now the goldfish and a few plants are in the stock tank till we figure out what we are going to do.

Bird Houses

I put this one together out of cedar, drawer knobs, drawer pulls and a tin can.

This one was recently given to me and I believe made by an uncle. I repainted it 2 shades of green and added the small knob for a perch.

Our Motel Chair

The term Motel Chair is a new one to me. Somewhere I read they are called this because they showed up near pools or outside the front offices of Route 66 motels. This one was given to us by Nova’s Father and I believe it was her Grand-mothers. I can’t recall the original color. Pictured above many years after I repainted it in 2007. I like the patina it now has but Nova want’s it repainted.

Here I am in 2007 sandblasting it at a friends.

Feeding The Birds

Our neighbors used to feed the birds near our fence line which was conveniently within view of the kitchen sink and my desk. They evidently quit adding seed to the feeder though as I’ve seen no bird activity lately. This prompted me a few days ago to buy some seed, move an old feeder of mine and place it near the same location on our side of the fence. So far the only visitor has been this one.

We used to feed the birds regularly many years ago but I tired of the mess, weeding all the sprouts below the feeder and purchasing seed.

Some of the feeders I’ve made…

Barn & Silo bird feeder. The silo held thistle and the barn seeds. The top comes off both for filling. I made a lot of these. Some went to friends & family and some I sold.

Grain elevator bird feeder. The roof comes of for filling.