Mexican Rice

Notes: I cooked in the rice cooker after browning rice. I also added corn.

Vegetable oil
1 cup long grain rice
1 tsp minced garlic
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 cup tomato sauce
1 cup vegetable broth
Chopped fresh cilantro

In a big sauce pan brown rice in oil.
Add garlic and cumin and stir.
Add tomato sauce and broth.
Bring the mix to a boil then turn heat to low and simmer till all liquid is absorbed.
Stir in cilantro.

Recent Eats

Hubble’s Rubble Junk Art

Art by Jerry Hubble. Located on highway 99 in Howard Kansas.

and you thought the pictures were bad… check out the video…

Arkansas City And Scripture Hill

On the side of a hill in Arkansas City, KS is what may be the world’s largest bible scripture written in stones. From ¬†Arkansas City’s webpage…

Begun in 1897, the text took seven months to build and whitewash so as to be seen from the railroad tracks. It was rebuilt three times over a 30 year period to get it the size and shape it is.  Fred Horton was a young dispatcher who came here with his bride when the Santa Fe line into Oklahoma was nine years old. In 1889, he came to be the assistant to the chief dispatcher of the Oklahoma Division.

Each letter is 18 feet high, 12 feet wide, and three feet deep. It is about 475 feet long, and is built of stone from the hillside in which it stands.

I trucked the bike to the city and then rode it to check out the scripture, exploring and eating lunch along the way.

I also took these photos while in the city.

Kansas’ Golden Gate Bridge

Southwest of Mulvane, Kansas a man has built a replica of the Golden Gate bridge across the Cowskin Creek. I recently took a bike ride to check it out.

You can read about the bridge and it’s builder here and here.

Also of interest on this road and just a few yards from the bridge is this WPA (Works Progress Administration) marker from 1937. It commemorates the reworking of the creek (which the bridge spans) to help prevent flooding.

Pole Art

While on a bike ride I spotted these 2 pieces of art on a utility pole. Not sure what the message or meaning is.