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Jar Lid Snowman

I made this snowman from jar lids, twigs, buttons, scrap material for scarf, sock for the hat and push pin nose. I punched holes in the lids and bolted them together.

Holiday Decorations From Bicycle Parts

The snowman I made from sprockets and spokes. The sprockets I welded together then painted. The spoke arms are just hot-glued on. I wrapped him in a ribbon scarf and stuck him in a piece of painted door trim. The hat is 2 pieces of scrap wood painted with a slot cut in the bottom.

This star was harder than it looked. I wrestled with it quite a bit to get the shape. I used a chain tool to offset the pins to hold its shape.


While digging out the holiday decorations I was reminded that many years ago we were into painting ceramics. We still have a few of the pieces…

Below is an old photo that I scanned. It shows a couple of several ceramic mugs we painted. They’ve all since broke or disappeared.

Tin Can Snowman

I made this Tin Can Snowman today. His body made from various sizes of tin cans and painted white. His arms are twigs, his nose a light bulb and his hat is made from the lids of a spray paint can and a small plastic coffee can. I drilled holes through the bottoms of the tin cans and then ran a long zip-tie through the holes securing it with the end of another zip-tie. Everything else is hot-glued together.
I got the idea for making him from here.

Christmas 2012

Celebrated Christmas at our house over the weekend with Mom & Dad, Tara & Family and John & Donnita. We had snacks and exchanged gifts. John & Donnita stayed till Christmas day. We dined out, went to movie and to the casino. Christmas day Nova & I went over to mom & Dad’s for chicken and noodles.