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Feeding The Birds

Our neighbors used to feed the birds near our fence line which was conveniently within view of the kitchen sink and my desk. They evidently quit adding seed to the feeder though as I’ve seen no bird activity lately. This prompted me a few days ago to buy some seed, move an old feeder of mine and place it near the same location on our side of the fence. So far the only visitor has been this one.

We used to feed the birds regularly many years ago but I tired of the mess, weeding all the sprouts below the feeder and purchasing seed.

Some of the feeders I’ve made…

Barn & Silo bird feeder. The silo held thistle and the barn seeds. The top comes off both for filling. I made a lot of these. Some went to friends & family and some I sold.

Grain elevator bird feeder. The roof comes of for filling.

Jar Lid Snowman

I made this snowman from jar lids, twigs, buttons, scrap material for scarf, sock for the hat and push pin nose. I punched holes in the lids and bolted them together.

Holiday Decorations From Bicycle Parts

The snowman I made from sprockets and spokes. The sprockets I welded together then painted. The spoke arms are just hot-glued on. I wrapped him in a ribbon scarf and stuck him in a piece of painted door trim. The hat is 2 pieces of scrap wood painted with a slot cut in the bottom.

This star was harder than it looked. I wrestled with it quite a bit to get the shape. I used a chain tool to offset the pins to hold its shape.


While digging out the holiday decorations I was reminded that many years ago we were into painting ceramics. We still have a few of the pieces…

Below is an old photo that I scanned. It shows a couple of several ceramic mugs we painted. They’ve all since broke or disappeared.

Tin Can Snowman

I made this Tin Can Snowman today. His body made from various sizes of tin cans and painted white. His arms are twigs, his nose a light bulb and his hat is made from the lids of a spray paint can and a small plastic coffee can. I drilled holes through the bottoms of the tin cans and then ran a long zip-tie through the holes securing it with the end of another zip-tie. Everything else is hot-glued together.
I got the idea for making him from here.

Bicycle Tire Peace Sign

A peace sign I made from a bicycle tire, innertube, rim and some wood. I’ve yet to permantely hang it anywhere though. Pictured here on the basement wall just to take a photo.