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Kansas State Fair

Our day at the Kansas State Fair.


I’ve retired from my job of 31.5 years. What a stressful month or so it’s been leading up to this point and a pretty emotional time once I left. The hardest decision I’ve ever made. This is the only job I’ve had in my adult life as I hired on right after high school. My work place has been so much a part of my family’s lives.
Although I loved my job, some changes I didn’t like and I wanted to leave before it took more of a toll on me physically. I’m retiring earlier than I should but it’s a risk we decided to take. I used to have money but no time, now I have time and no money and the time is getting shorter and shorter as the honey-do list is getting longer and longer.

It was an interesting job. Over the years on the job I’ve seen death, drugs, sex, violence, domestic violence, the poor, the rich, roach and rat infested houses, criminal acts of all kinds, devastation from tornadoes and storms, some really neat places that are off limits to most. Done work for President Clinton, Vice President Dick Cheney, Russian President Boris Yeltzen, a few celebrities. Been dog bit several times, way too many wasp stings to count, flea bitten, fallen off of poles, near frostbite, near heat exhaustion, vehicle accidents.

Was an exciting time to be a phoneman. Got to see a lot of changes in the technology and industry. When I started it was still Ma Bell and a monopoly. There were still party lines and Touch Tone was optional, you couldn’t go buy a phone. During my career these were introduced… the fax machine, cordless phones, calling features like call waiting and caller id, dial-up data, internet, fiber, wireless, broadband, voip, broadband tv.

Last night we had a little celebration with my parents. They took us to dinner, got me a cake and gave me a generous gift.

Brian Setzer

45 minutes before show time we decided to go see Brian Setzer one of my favorite guitarists. We took a chance on getting tickets at the door and managed to get front row seats that someone else had canceled. Brian and the rest of the band put on a great show. The concert was held in Wichita’s historic Orpheum Theater which made it even better.


Today, me Tara, Nova and the boys went to the Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutchinson. We toured the museum which is excellent, we viewed a movie about the Hubble telescope in the IMAX theater, watched the planetarium show and history and a demonstration show on the rocket. The few pics below don’t even begin to do the place justice.

Before leaving Hutch we stopped at El Potrillio for lunch.