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Basil Mushroom Pizza With Miyoko’s Mozzarella

Nova made us the crust using a Pioneer Woman recipe substituting the white flour for whole wheat. Crust wasn’t bad for being whole wheat. This was our first time trying miyoko’s vegan mozzarella. It was good but we’d use more of it in the future. Guess we’re used to the really strong flavor of Daiya which we use sparingly.

Before the oven.

Out of the oven. Cheese is almost non-existent.

Sliced and served.

Aldi’s Vegan

Aldi’s USA just recently introduced a line of vegan meats and cheese. So far we’ve tried two of the burgers.

The soy protein patty was pretty good. Nice meaty texture but I didn’t detect much of a flavor which is fine.

The Thai burger turned out a little mushy which may have been due to my cooking but it had a nice flavor.

I’d eat either of these again.

Supreme Pizza

I decided to try the vegan sausage I’ve been making recently on pizza. It was really good. I use the recipe here minus the tarragon and with the addition of 1 tsp of sage. I form in to patties, brown the patties and break it up in to crumbles. Store bought crust and Daiya mozzarella.

Vacation Eats – Summer 2017

Some of the food we ate on our recent trip to Colorado.