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50s Chevy

I spotted this metal 50s Chevy at a discount store and couldn’t resist. I thought is was a closer match to our tv cabinet in the basement than it actually was though. A little red sharpie to give it a ratrod look.

Railroad Map

Many years ago I bought this big framed map from the Boeing Aircraft Co here in town because I thought it looked old and cool. It wasn’t till I got it home and examined it closer to find it is a map of railroads only. No roads. I had repainted the frame and it used to hang on the wall but now is stored away.

Print Your Own Print

We were needing something to hang on our bathroom walls that fit with the theme of our bedroom. I found some cheap framed prints and replaced the original prints with some I found on the internet that I re-sized to fit the frames and then printed myself. Note their may be copyright issues with images you find on the internet.