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New Mexico 1999

Nova, Tara and I took a trip to Santa Fe I believe for whitewater rafting and sight seeing.

Galveston Texas 1999

Nova and I a trip to Galveston in 1999.

Kansas City

A weekend in Kansas City in the late 80s I believe. Might have even been before we were married.

Branson With The Grand-kids

While the Grand-kids were here for the summer, Nova myself, Mom, Dad, Tara and the kids all spent 5 days in Branson. We went to Silver Dollar City, drove over to Forsythe, swam at the lake and played around on the strip.

Swimming at Tablerock lake.

Random Photos From Recent Trip

Photos taken on our drive home from Pleasant Hill, Missouri back in September. We stopped in Fort Scott, Kansas and rode our bikes and had lunch. The last couple of photos are from other towns that I can’t recall.

2014 Spring Vacation

Over Memorial weekend we attended the Pedaler’s Jamboree in Missouri. After that we went up in to Nebraska to ride. Here are a few non-biking photos from our vacation. These taken in Nebraska, the murals in Nebraska City.

West Coast – Fall 2013

We just returned from a trip out West to ride bikes. We rode trails in Hermosa Beach & Monterey, California, Boulder City Nevada & Central Utah.
The rides…
Santa Monica Beach and South Bay Bike Path – California
Monterey Bay Coastal Trail – California
Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail – Nevada
Candy Mountain Express Bike Trail – Utah

In addition to the cities we rode in or near we also spent nights in Las Vegas, NM, Flagstaff, AZ and Frisco, CO. While near Las Vegas we spent an evening on the strip.

Some non-ride photos…

Southeast Kansas

Photos taken on our way home from our latest trip.

Old abandoned highway under old railroad.

Railroad cars in Parsons, KS from the former MKT “Katy” railroad which we had rode our bikes on earlier in the week in Missouri.

What is left of “Gas Mini Golf” in Parsons, KS.

Flooding on the highway.

Fall Vacation 2012

October 2012 we took off to the North East to ride in a few states we’d not yet ridden in. We rode these trails and cities in the following order…
D & L Trail – Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail in Pennyslvania
Niagara Falls New York.
Catskills Scenic Trail – New York
Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail – New Jersey
Junction and Breakwater Rail Trail – Delaware
Virginia Beach – Virginia

A few notes on the trip…
We were gone 14 days. We drove somewhere around 4000 miles. Gas prices ranged from $3.28 to $4.11. We had no definite plans when we left and just routed ourselves as we went depending on time and weather. We need to get our passports. I wish we would have rode in Maryland while we were there. Out of all the big cities we’ve driven in the traffic in the Washington DC area is the worst. We rode our first tow path. We’ve now been to all the great lakes. There are a lot of pizza places in the N/E. We ate a lot of good local food but I never had pizza. Nova did once. We didn’t have a bad meal or a bad hotel room the entire trip. The farms in OH, PA and NY make for a a beautiful scene especially this time of year. The row houses in the N?E are neat but I can’t imagine living so close to your neighbors. We had a wonderful time as we always do.

A few non ride photos from the trip…

Our approximate driving route…

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